Nokia Lumia 420 Render by Ancel Lim Shows Us Low End can be Pretty

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It’s becoming clear that Nokia’s success comes mostly from lower end Lumias, that provide decent cameras, good specs, nice apps and low prices. But what about an even newer device with an even lower price? Well, Ancel Lim imagined such a device, the Nokia Lumia 420, rendered below.

Nokia Lumia 420 concept 1

The handset is an entry level smartphone with Windows Phone 8 and a 3.5 inch screen, that brings back memories of the older iPhones. The concept Nokia features a 480 x 800 pixel resolution and a Broadcom BCM21553 single core CPU, a Broadcom VideoCore 3 GPU and there’s no 4G or NFC here, in case you’re wondering.

Nokia Lumia 420 concept 2

We don’t have a front camera, but we do have a 5 megapixel shooter at the back. The handset comes in yellow, white and orange and it adopts a funky polycarbonate shell, that seems to have big bezels and protect the edges with its design. I may be mistaking, but a rubberized coating for these edges seems present here…

Nokia Lumia 420 concept 3

[Thanks Ancel Lim]

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