Sony Smartphone Design Leaves Xperia Behind, Tries Something New for a Change

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Finally, we’ve got a Sony smartphone concept that’s not an Xperia. Created by Stephane Pietroiusti, who did a master class with someone from Sony, the device strays away from the Xperia design language and feels more like a Lumia to me, but an evolved one.

Sony smartphone concept 1

Inspiration quoted here are a HTC phone, laser cut parts and a few metallic structures shown in the source link below. The result is a Sony concept phone with a matte and glossy surface, that seems to use a lot of metal. The front side is the one that makes me think of the first Lumias, while the back is pretty revolutionary and reminiscent of some Sony Ericsson handsets.

Sony smartphone concept 7

The device fits well in the user’s hand and integrates a comfy volume control for music player, also used to zoom in and out in the camera. The screen is large according to the designer and I’m guessing the diagonal is about 4.5 inches or 4.7 inches here. The speaker holes at the bottom and earpiece hole at the top are very discrete here, so this is basically a slab of metal with polycarbonate (probably), that fits well together, assembled in an unibody piece.

[via Coroflot]

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