Nokia Lumia Vector Laptops Sound Interesting: Midrange and Budget Model

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Deviantart member SaphFan32 has created some interesting Nokia concepts, but they’re not phones as you may expect, but rather laptops. Nokia has tried its luck with a laptop before, or better said a booklet, but the product failed to impress, because of the high price.

Nokia Lumia Vector 105 laptop concept

This is why the designer imagined the Nokia Lumia Vector 105 midrange laptop with a price range between $400 and $600. The device would come in different colors and it runs Windows 8. It feels like a Vaio met a MacBook and the Lumia identity can especially be felt around the edges of the device. The screen is probably a ClearBlack AMOLED and moving on to the yellow model, this one is the Lumia Vector 101 budget laptop concept.

It’s bulkier, it’s a sub $400 unit with basic features and Windows 8 as well. The color choice makes it appealing to young people and I can see an Intel Atom inside it, 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and some special apps for extra connections and sharing with Lumia phones. Would you buy these Nokia laptops?

Nokia Lumia Vector 101 laptop concept

[via Deviantart]