Nokia MeeGo Smartphone to Break the Ice?

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We’re all waiting for the savior of the Nokia brand, that superphone to rule them all or at least a decent piece of machinery that should run MeeGo and look half as good as the iPhone 4. It could look something like this, but Nokia might want to save some MeeGo love for its (maybe) upcoming tablet.

As you’ve seen for yourself, the public wants big screen diagonals, tons of memory (or at least a card slot that’s generous), a powerful CPU, an open OS with multitasking and a pretty good camera. Symbian^3 and even Symbian^4 don’t seem to have what it takes to make a smartphone good enough to sell millions of units in weeks, like Samsung Galaxy S or HTC EVO 4G…

What does Nokia need to pair with its MeeGo OS to make the new device appealing?

[via mynokiablog]