Nokia Microsoft Phone Saga Continues: Nokia EOS Windows Phone 7 Handset

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We continue the saga of Nokia Microsoft concept phones with a new Windows Phone 7 model: Nokia EOS. This can be considered the sliding QWERTY version of the Nokia ARES model you saw hours ago. They are basically the same, aside from the QWERTY keyboard on the EOS.

The handset is very slim, it features an aluminum body, 4 inch display and the same 12MP camera. The keyboard sliders easily along the profile and the display’s angle is tilted, in pure Nokia N Series fashion. Since EOS is not the best of codenames can we call this phone the Nokia E8, or rather the N9-02?


  • Michael Lococo

    I assume that this is not a production phone so I hope there is still time to boost the screen size… 4″ is a little too small.. 4.5″ seems to be the perfect size for a smartphone.

  • I think it could be a very suitably for those who get used to put phone into the pocket, 4,5 or bigger would be too much..

  • Michael Lococo

    the best smart phones are 4.3″ now a 4.5″ would not make a lot of difference in the frame size. also I’m sure they’ll make a few models with puny screens. the 4.5″ Super AMOLED+ display would be perfect. You need a flagship phone that is the fastest and has great features like a premium display. And it needs to be 4G or it is a waste of time. On TMOUS it would be 21mb HSPA+ now or 42mb later this summer. I got spoiled with my HD2 (now on WP7) I just cant sign another 2yr contract for three more 3G phones and be locked out of 4G.

  • tiinachan

    These phones look so sexy and i cant wait to buy one. I think it’s a good move. It combines a great hardware company with a great software company. Microsoft has a nice ecosystem with the Zune Marketplace and Xbox Live. There is room for a few app stores in the market, but you’re talking a fifth app store if Nokia tried it on their own. Apple, Android, Zune, HP/webOs being the more developed players. From what I’ve heard, Microsoft really is supporting WP7 developers and game integration with Xbox Live really is going to be a huge selling point in the future.

  • nokia n72

  • kashu kotiya……

    it will be a nic smart phone…..want to know its expecting price in india…

  • sanjay

    whats its price

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