Nokia N800 Series Device Proposal Design Looks Stunning… Would Kill With MeeGo!

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First of all, this is a Nokia N800 series unit from 2008, so it’s all the more amazing nowadays. This concept device was created by designer Jm.Jo that you can find at the address He created the project for Nokia and as you can see we’re dealing with a smartphone that adopts the QWERTY slider form factor.

There’s also a tilt hinge mechanism on board, as well as jog stick for games and video call support, possibly thanks to a front camera. This model also has an interesting feature, as it generates a hologram effect on the plastic part of the case through injection molding, that makes the entire thing much cooler and appealing to youngsters.

Hologram patterning can be changed and inscriptions/decorations can appear where you want them to. Considering the popularity of the Nokia N950 model, strictly designed for developers, could it be based on this concept?

[via Coroflot]