Nokia N8-01 Touch and Play Concept Improves the Existing N8 (Video)

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Many people are discontent with the current Nokia N8, so they dream about changing the handset and improving its specifications. Iffan Morasilp from Thailand stopped dreaming and started designing, so he created the Nokia N8-01 Touch and Play handset. You’ll learn the specs of the concept after the break.

The smartphone comes with a 3.7 inch Gorilla Glass display, an 8MP Carl Zeiss camera with support for 1080p video capture, a D-pad and gaming keys. HDMI is also on board, as well as support for 4G connectivity and Dolby Digital Plus. It’s very likely that this is a Symbian^3 phone, although most of the Nokia concepts we’ve seen lately are based on MeeGo…

Do you fancy such an N8 upgrade?


[via mynokiablog]