So, About that Nokia P1 Android Phone…

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A few days ago the Internet got crazy over a photo of a presumed Nokia Android phone dubbed Nokia P1. Little did they know it was only a Photoshopped version of the recently announced Sharp Aquos P1, but there may be more to this story.

nokia android phone

First of all even the Sharp model isn’t 100% original, since it looks quite a bit like a Galaxy S6 for example. Then you can clearly see that they’re one and the same device, with the Nokia logo replacing the Sharp one. And this is where things get interesting. Nokia is known to have struck a deal with Foxconn, who will make their new Android phones.


Foxconn basically owns Sharp and may resort to rebranding their devices to Nokia in the future, so there may be a little truth to this leak/render. However, seeing how both Nokia and Sharp take great pride in their products, I doubt they’d agree with just rebranding. Of course this can still happen, but it’s the lazy route back and certainly won’t win the Finns any sympathy points.

[via Phone Arena]

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  • Atty Halmágyi

    Foxconn does not own the whole company, please do not say things which are not real. They owns 66 percent of Sharp, and probably only the display department.

  • Well owning 66% is basically owning the whole company, since they have to do as the majority stake holder says.

  • Atty Halmágyi

    High-end Sharp smart phones and TV’s are still made in Japan.