Nokia Scentsory Concept Phone Can Smell Trouble

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The Nokia Scentsory concept phone has got to be one of the most original devices I’ve seen on the Internet. It was first spotted in 2006 and news about this prototype were scarce, at least till now, when we get a chance to take a second peak at the handset designed by Kimberly Hu.


Scentsory is a flexible handset and an ultra-thin one that comes with a couple of sensors which can translate odors into information. This process also works in reverse, as you send the info to another Scentsory device and it turns data into … odor. High tech and mobile phones were all about visual and audio experiences, but now things have reached a new level, so we can stimulate our senses once more thanks to this concept.

The handset includes 2 displays, an LED touchpad, stereo speakers, a camera and a temperature sensor. Sadly there’s no way such a device can make it to mass production, for now… Who knows if Nokia will ever pick up the scent of this beauty and allow us to experience some mobile olfactive delight?

[via boygeniusreport]