Nokia Teleporter 3000 Should be in Bioshock

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Every once in a while we go off the rails with the concepts and models like the one below surface. It’s called Nokia Teleporter 3000 and it would feel right at home in a Bioshock title or a steampunk museum.

Nokia Teleporter 3000 concept 2

Created by Marko Fucek from Croatia, this is a practice project, a spacepunk and steampunk device, used for both telephony and… teleporting. Before you get too worked up about this model, it seems to teleport mail envelopes to you, not people, so it’s not a Star Trek situation. I have to say that the rotary dial and its screen are quite chic and I even like the UI.

Nokia Teleporter 3000 concept

The gold edge is a bit too much and a bit too Kim Kardashian for me. The receiver and wire are totally vintage, while the bit that spits out teleported mail feels like a golden age CD ROM, of sorts. I also can’t make what the tubular thing at the back is… any steampunk experts here?

[via Behance]

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