Nokia W10 Prototype Runs Windows Phone 7.5, Packs a 15MP camera

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We’ve seen the Nokia X10 Symbian Anna prototype here and now we have the same device, but with a different OS. Nokia W10 runs Windows Phone 7.5, supports quad band connectivity and 4G LTE. It’s got quad stereo speakers and a Super AMOLED Plus display with a 4.5 inch diagonal and a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution.

TV out is also on board via HDMI, as well as a 15MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Dual Xenon flash and full HD 1080p video capture at 30 fps. There’s also a front 5MP camera with Xenon flash and face detection. The CPU on the Nokia W10 is a quad-core 2GHz unit, more than enough to run Windows Phone, to be honest.

32GB of storage, 2GB of ROM and 2GB of RAM are the memory on this device, plus a microSD slot with support for up to 64GB of storage. Would you prefer to use this device with Windows Phone 7.5 on board or a future version of Symbian Anna/Belle?

[via mynokiablog]

  • Olivier

    LMAO!!!! thats powerful for a phone XD

  • biswarup biswas

    reall i am waiting for this device

  • Dwayne

    OMG, this is the best phone ive ever seen, i wanna make concept phone art like this, could you tell me how please, i really wanna know, this is just too cool.

  • AndyC

    If anything like this ever hits store boys and girls, I believe Apple will probably cancel the iPhone 6,7,8,9 and probably go with the iPhone X LOL, but this phone would definitely a buy for me. AWESOME layout !!

  • soudi rabbe

    plz made it soon i cnt wait 4 this u nokia.

  • german briones

    a lot better than n8

  • Jemmy Barra

    I have seen the specs of the phone and it sound great. i surely would like to have one. Please send the detail where i could purchase one and the price through my email adress.

  • Anonymous

    omg…. a powerfull device of nokia….really i am waiting for this device…..

  • Nawaz

    Plz made it soon i cant wait any more for such a powerful mobile

  • Frank

    Just fucking make it already, I want to buy it!!!

  • Kubel

    I want it…..NOW 🙂

  • mm

    i want it now too…. 🙂

  • lol

    LOL quad core 2ghz unit, wonder what the battery life would be :P. Those specs and sliding landscape 5 row qwerty with ctrl & alt keys would do me just fine for next couple of years lol. One thing to note, dedicated switchable camera button between front and rear camera? If that ever came out ..imagine what rim, apple and android makers would conjure up? lol that would be interesting to say the least.

  • ravindra

    i want to use this device with symbian belle on board

  • nitin rawat

    when it would be released plz tell me i cant wait

  • 1) Nokia W 10 Windows Phone 7.5
    The camera has 15 MP Primary Camera
    Video Recording Full HD 1080p @ 30fps
    Is. But now work at 1080p @ 60fps
    Is. If you work in the same formate.
    2) Touch the pencil to give you an extra.
    3) Touch screen is also one of the reasons Battery
    Give More. Battery is because consumption.
    4) MicroSD up to 64 GB’s. You good
    MicroSD 64 GB of quality available
    Made. Which works properly. Your the concept
    Phone Nokia W10 Windows Phone 7.5
    ‘ll Be waiting for. Which he calls
    Excuse the attempt.

    Uday Ankur

  • premi

    i just thought to buy a c6 01 now u changed my mind to buy this this is the best phone i have ever seen in my life

  • brenno

    It’s outrageous, stupid, blatantly fake phone concepts like this that make me lose my faith in humanity. Every time a concept like this comes out, some weirdo or another comes into the store I work at and adamantly tells me it’s a real phone. The last guy came in determined to buy ‘the new iphone 5 that was just released’, complete with its fantastic laser projecting keyboard and fold-out star wars 3D holo-TV projector.
    This has a 2Ghz quad core and somehow manages to have 2GB of ROM AND 64gb flash memory? And come on, where is the search button? You didn’t even try to make it sound believable did you? I can’t believe people think this is real.

  • antows

    quad core 2GHz? 4,5 inch display with super AMOLED? Great. It sould have Quad Batery 1500 mAh or more. Plus Solar Cell in front panel. I really want it soon..

  • recoraj

    This will put the I phones market down

    east or west nokia is best

  • antows

    Smile for Nokia, i will buy this for my brother Cahyo Asla n my son Syam Kausar. We need something like this beside a sport car. Love it.

  • english

    Your english is so broken, no one has any idea what your point is!

  • english

    The last comment was for Uday Ankar

  • lakshyajit

    amzing….i am waiting for this device..

  • Siva

    what a phone

  • Love sing

    Nokia w10

  • Anonymous

    i believe that nokia is the best…..they r going to realese some best smartphone like n10,w10,x10……..amazing

  • sumeet

    its one of the sexiest mobiles i have ever seen..

  • Lesbijka

    This is fake, stupid kids.

  • Narender singh

    I always love nokia its amazing phone after nokia n8 i think i & my friends want to buy this phone.Plz nokia launch it soon in india.

  • ahmi

    showdown……. when this device is going to come ,,., i hav been waiting for this device since 2year..when its gonna lauch out…taking verylong time that makes me burn this device coming or not or we just westing our time or may nokia developers are makeing fun or joke something like that…….

  • ahmi

    hehehe.,.sweeeet .,fucking dream.from nokia to their fans. its all fake.

  • mehul

    nic look & awsm phone…i want now

  • srinivas naidu

    Nokia please stop making all your handsets for sometime get this mobile out know. I’m too eager to check out how this mobile works in the real world. Please make it quick.


    I’m Tanzanian, I love Nokia product,Nokia X10 symbian is an amazing phone and i real need it if possible, i think i & my friends want to buy this phone.Plz nokia launch it to me.

  • sai

    amazing please launch fastly