Nokia W6-00 Communicator Might Be Solid Mango Material

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With Windows Phone Mango so close to launch, it’s time to see some concepts with this OS on board… Among them we find the Nokia W6-00 Communication, a device that’s created by Patrick Walters and pictured below.

This nifty slider comes with a 4 row QWERTY keyboard, the usual WP7 buttons and the classic Windows Phone interface. I’m guessing that a 3.7 to 4 inch display is available here, plus the typical quality Nokia keyboard (thinking about the E7 here). Nevermind that this is closer to a drawing/sketch than a Photoshop work, the idea is solid.

Any suggestions on how to make this device even cooler? Maybe with a powerful camera, an original sliding mechanism and a special Nokia UI for Mango OS?

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  • asherpat

    frankly, the concept is boring but one of a very important one.

    what no one, except Apple and Nokia understand is that the screen must be equidistant from the edges also in LANDSCAPE. Note all touchscreens of Nokia. This is important and I just cant fathom HOW ALL others miss this, this is one of the key reasons why Apple looks so stunning.

    Other manufacturers it seems place the screen vertically with absolutely no planning, just where it lands. Will be interesting to discuss with a real designer, maybe there is an explanation why…

  • Gregory

    The rendering is terrible! The concept is not so much!

  • woow beautiful 4n……..very beautiful look and smart ……..this phone most match 4 boys.

  • very beautiful and smart phone.