Nokia W6-00 Communicator Might Be Solid Mango Material

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With Windows Phone Mango so close to launch, it’s time to see some concepts with this OS on board… Among them we find the Nokia W6-00 Communication, a device that’s created by Patrick Walters and pictured below.

This nifty slider comes with a 4 row QWERTY keyboard, the usual WP7 buttons and the classic Windows Phone interface. I’m guessing that a 3.7 to 4 inch display is available here, plus the typical quality Nokia keyboard (thinking about the E7 here). Nevermind that this is closer to a drawing/sketch than a Photoshop work, the idea is solid.

Any suggestions on how to make this device even cooler? Maybe with a powerful camera, an original sliding mechanism and a special Nokia UI for Mango OS?


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