Nokia W97 Runs Windows Phone, It’s Exactly What Microsoft and Nokia Are Missing

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We’re waiting for a Windows Phone Nokia model so bad right now, that the handset below would just kill competition. The Nokia W97 is sadly a mere concept for now, created by Deviantart member sidrocks, who did an excellent job.

We can only suppose that Windows Phone 7.1 Mango OS in board and that 5 row QWERTY keyboard looks incredible comfy, reminding me a bit of the days of the Nokia N900. You also get the classic capacitive buttons at the button of the touchscreen (which we guess is it at least 4.3 inches in diagonal).

It’s interesting to also see answer/reject keys on the sides of the normal WP7 capacitive buttons. Give this baby impressive battery life and maybe a way to view the Home screen in Windows Phone in landscape mode and it’ll be huge!

[via sidrocks]

  • Eldred

    I’ll buy one of these..spec win7mob(landscape functionality)…full qwerty keyboard .fast processor 1.4ghzmin..adequate”ram”…min 32gb memory+card slot….8mp camera..sat nav..large removable radio..full MS office suite + pdf reader as standard..preferably larger than n97(min 4inch diag screen)..cutting edge global connectivity

    it will blow apple and android out of the water for 5 years.

    come on MS/NOKIA get it together and stop pratting about