Nokia XpresShot XS5 is a Blast From the Near Past

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It’s nice to look at concepts from a few years ago and see what could have been. For example, the Nokia XpresShot XS5 here could have been a kickass Symbian device or maybe an Android one. Created by Deviantart member clintgt, the device looks like a very solid media smartphones.

nokia xs5 concept

Nokia XpresShot XS5 comes with a 64 GB SSD, up to 2 GB of application memory, Bluetooth 3.0 with 24 Mbps transfer and a brand new interface. The OS on board is also totally new and it’s called Zilo, being a new project of the folks behind Symbian. This Nokia concept phone design comes with an 18.1 megapixel camera with Full HD video recording and other features include a 4 inch OLED display with 720p resolution and widescreen format.

The handset uses a CMOS sensor, Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, a Xenon and LED flash and 6x digital zoom. plus a full screen viewfinder. Nokia XpresShot XS5, as imagined by the Deviantart designer relies on a TI OMAP 3430 ARM Cortex A8 1.5 GHz processor, supports quad band connectivity and has a gyromagnetic meter for a new level of gaming, that allows you to move the finger through the air to control the game. Would this work nowadays?

[Via Deviantart]

  • rahul

    What is price of it ?

  • heet

    Please make a phone fast.
    i am waiting this phone.
    please make fast fast fast.

  • Muzamal

    It will have hanging problem or not???

  • Rajesh

    When it will be come to market

  • Arvind shaw

    Please make this phone.Many peoples are waiting for this phone.A great look and design.It can defeat I phone and Microsoft device.Move on Nokia!

  • jerric

    i miss nokia ..go nokia im waiting for this phone badly