OnePlus 8 (2020) Gets Official Looking Renders and a Video… Again

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OnePlus 7T Pro was recently unveiled and there’s already talk about OnePlus 8. If the Chinese company keeps up the launch time frames we’ve seen so far, they may well debut the OP8 in May 2020. That’s quite a long way to go and till the device comes we get some nifty renders and a video.

They were made by Waqar Khan and have an official look to them. I also see some new colors, plus some familiar ones. There’s a sort of Midnight Green, a brown/dark beige, a bright purple that may as well be pink and a metallic gray. The selfie camera now adopts the punch hole approach and there’s a triple back camera here. There’s also a textured triple position Mute button and the back camera looks a bit different in the video compared to the renders.

There are angles that show the cameras separated and angles that show a unified dual module and a separate third camera below them. It’s as if they had overlapping modules. I feel that OnePlus must do some bigger changes, seeing that ever since the OnePlus 6 there haven’t been many design revolutions. Mere new colors don’t cut it anymore. Perhaps a play with materials, like ceramic, sapphire glass and more could to the trick.

Also, a quad camera needs to happen at some point. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. By the way, this design is aligned with the latest leaked renders for the OP8, so they check out. We need more originality from the company that made some waves with the likes of OnePlus One and OnePlus Two and also quite loved the OnePlus X back in the day…

[via Waqar Khan]

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