Atari 9000 is Basically a Badass Gaming Tablet

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You’ve probably heard that Atari is preparing a retro console named Ataribox, but in the meantime gamers’ imagination is running wild and a portable Atari console has just popped up. It’s just a concept, known as the Atari 9000 and rendered by Nikos Manafis.

Atari 9000 is a hybrid of vintage tech and new tech. If you’re familiar with the 1980s gaming platform, you’ll recognize the ATARI joystick and the paddle controllers. The novelty is the portable format, a tablet basically with an integrated screen. It offers gestures like scrolling, zooming and even stylus interaction. The stylus is actually a joystick handle, that’s able to detach.

Classic Atari titles are included, as well as modern ones and the wooden vibe of the older models is kept. Asymmetry is key here and we’ve got a typical rectangular format at the top but also an extra wedge area at the bottom with a huge magnetic lock, where the stylus is attached to become a joystick. A TV connector is also available in case you’re wondering, plus the option to switch from Color to Mono graphics and back.

Throwing money at the screen?

[via Yanko Design]

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