Nokia 7610 2017 Concept is Both a Throwback and Tribute

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We’ve already seen sort of a tribute and remake of the Nokia 7610 a while ago, via the Lumia 767, but today we get a new one. Rendered by Mohamed SaSa, we have below the design of the Nokia 7610 (2017), a concept phone made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

The asymmetrically rounded corners are here and the device seems like a midrange Android smartphone at first glance. It’s got a fingerprint scanner at the back and a main camera with dual LED flash above it. The screen has OK bezels on the side and big-ish ones at the top and bottom. The antenna cutouts of the back are simple and straight forward, but a part of me wishes those areas would light up like on the first Sony Xperias with Android, if you remember.

This is obviously a wider and bigger phone than the 2004 original and you can actually see a comparison of them below. Interestingly the Nokia logo is now front and center, although the Nokia brand has been taking a bit of a beating over the past years. Not sure if the rounded corners influence your grip on the handset, but probably not.

I’d see this with maybe ZenFone 3 specs and maybe with a cool use of the bigger top and bottom areas, like storing a stylus or a cool extra rotating camera…

[via Behance]

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