Best Free File Compressor 2022: WorkinTool File Compressor Review

I’m sure you have plenty of pieces of software on your PC, useful for your daily workflow, but you may be lacking one. I’m talking about a compression tool, that may make it easier to make a large file or set of files smaller, so they ca be more easily sent via email. It’s called WorkinTool File Compressor. 

You can easily choose the WorkinTool File Compressor, a free, simple and useful multi formated file compressor. You can shrink PDF files, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and easily reduce video file size without losing quality. Also, it keeps your data privacy and information security with ease.

Image compression

Imagine you have a 2 MB JPEG or PNG, a GIF or BMP. Well, you can reduce it to a mere 20 KB with this tool. As far as video compression goes, the software works fine with video formats like MP4, WMV, AVI and FLCV. It’s able to turn them into an MP4 or the original format with a reduced size, but keeping the top notch quality.

Office files

Sometimes there are those pesky 200 MB PDF files, which you can’t sent via email. Well, now they can be compressed with ease and sent via mail. Also, PowerPoint presentations tend to be hefty enough to warrant them being refused by Gmail. 

How to Use WorkinTool File Compressor for Image Compression:

  • 1. Open the Tool, find Image Compression and click Add File to upload the image or images
  • 2. Adjust the settings and alter your save path if you need to..
  • Click on Compress to get the reduced file

How to Compress Large Video Files for Email on Windows

Large video files are a headache to send via email, particularly if they’re large files. You will need to upload them to Google Drive or OneDrive in order to send them. This may waste time for the recipient and require a speedy connection which he or she may not have. Just FIY, Gmail has a maximum file size of 12.5 MB, although the official attachment size limit is 25 MB, but Google has a process that somehow makes it double when encoding it. 

Outlook has a limit of 20 MB, Hotmail 10 MB and Yahoo 25 MB. 

Here’s how you perform the compression:

  • 1. Open the tool and find Video Compression
  • 2. Click “Add Files” to upload your clip or clips
  • 3. Adjust the settings related to zoom, bit rate (video and audio), frame rate, sample rate and resolution as you like and click compress
  • 4. Choose the output format as MP4 or keep the original format

There are two compression modes available: smaller size and clearer output. You can turn a FHD video of 214 MB to 130 MB. There’s also batch compression, letting you compress multiple videos at once. 

How to Compress Videos for Discord

WorkinTool File Compressor can also help people who spend a lot of time on Discord. Discored is a free online service where people are able to chat, create rooms, call each other. It’s meant to connect gamers, friends, educators and more. Messaging happens via video, pictures, messages, audio. There’s a problem with uploading videos and the fact that they’re limited to 8 MB or smaller.

Also, you only get support for MOV, MP4, GIF and WebMB. 

There’s the option to get Discord Nitro, but that one is priced higher and some people can’t afford it. WorkinTool File Compressor saves you, as it makes video files much smaller. 

Here’s how to compress a video for Discord:

  • 1. Open the Tool, Find Video Comp and then click Add File
  • 2. Adjust the settings to the new clip. Choose General Settings and choose a smaller size or a clearer output. There’s also settings for zoom, bit rate, audio bit rate, resolution, frame rate and sample rate. 
  • 3. Change the location of the new file if you want by clicking “Save to”. Click “Compress” and you’re done. 
  • 4. You can compress again till you get the ideal size. 

Here’s a list of all the supported formats:

Features Supported File Formats

  • Image Compression: JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP
  • Video Compression: MP4, WMV, MKV, AVI and FLV
  • Word Compression: DOC and DOCX
  • PowerPoint Compression: PPT and PPTX
  • PDF Compression: PDF

Here are the Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
  • macOS 12, 11, 10.12-15/ OS X10.8-10.11/Mac OS X 10.0-7

Some background about WorkinTool: 

WorkinTool is a leading innovative technology company based in Shanghai, an international economic center. Since our establishment from 2013, we have been providing simple and easy software services to more than 100 million loyal users around the world. Our innovative working tools with lightweight design and powerful features cover PDF conversions, video editing, photo editing, Airplay, data recovery.

WorkinTool has over 100.000 customers and worldwide recognition. It has a SSL encrypted process to ensure a safe payment, 8 years of history behind it, 30 days of money back guarante and 24/7 customer support via chat and email. 

WorkinTool also provides the following services:

  • Watermark Eraser
  • File Compressor
  • Audio Recorder
  • Video Downloader
  • Data Recovery
  • Video Editor


WorkinTool is a reliable solution to cut the space taken up by documents, videos and more. We’re always in a hurry and can’t wait to send files faster, so there’s no patience with slow transfer or Gmail limits. This solves it all, without losing quality in compression. Also, a rare occurrence: the free version of the software isn’t lacking features and it doesn’t have a time or option limit.

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