2018 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rendered by Benjamin Geskin

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Well, this just happened: reputed designer Benjamin Geskin just rendered the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the 2018 edition of the Samsung phablet. This device has a 4K display and expands on the idea of the upcoming device.

Benjamin Geskin took the current renders of the Note 8 and worked on them. He made the screen even bigger, increased the screen to body ratio and embedded a fingerprint scanner within the front panel. There’s a 6.4 inch 4K display upfront and I can barely see its bezel. Brand new cameras and processor have also been included, of course dual back cameras and an Exynos 9 Series or even a 10 Series chipset.

The back side is basically similar to what we’ve been seeing from the Note 5 onwards, so not much change there. The device seems rather narrow, comes with a metal frame and seeing how little room for the speaker it has, it may as well feature that special type of speaker replacement, that involves vibrations through the skull.

[via Benjamin Geskin]

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