Transparent iPhone 8 is the Way to Go Nowadays Among All Those Similar Renders (Video)

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If you’re looking for a bit of innovation in your lives, look no further than the Transparent iPhone 8 that Curved/Labs just came up with. It’s pictured below and also gets a video after the break, looking totally mind blowing.

I know some people buy their mice, PC cases and other such gizmos transparent, so they can see all the components inside. There’s got to be a corresponding niche for smartphones, especially amazing ones like the iPhone 8. The designers at Curved/Labs theorized this idea: the Galaxy S8 came in its unique Orchid Grey hue, the Huawei P10 in “Greenery”, so Apple must also do something special.

One idea is making the iPhone 8 fully transparent. We know it’ll have glass at the front and glass at the back, so why not make it transparent, too? Transparent tech used to be big in the 1990s, like the 1995 GameBoy, the 1997 Tamagotchi and the 1998 iMac. If the iPhone 8 is truly covered with transparent glass at the back, you will gaze in awe at the Apple A11 CPU in use and see all the bits and pieces of the handset’s innards.

The designers also envisioned the fingerprint scanner, Touch ID embedded within the screen this time and the facade all covered up with the display. It’s very likely that the real iPhone will look nothing like this, but one can dream… Since Apple played with transparency on the iMac, why not do it again?

[via Curved/Labs]

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