So Apparently This is the First Samsung Galaxy S10 Prototype

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Over the last few days leakster Ice Universe has been on a roll, perhaps even more than Evan Blass or @OnLeaks, uncovering bits and pieces about the likes of the Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel 3 XL. Now he focuses on the Samsung Galaxy S10, revealing what’s said to be one of its first prototypes. Let’s analyze it.

First of all, the device has almost zero bezel, much like the recently unveiled Oppo Find X. Gone is the earpiece, front camera, any sort of chin and the side bezels have been cut too. There are several theories regarding on where they went. First of all, the sensors can be hidden behind the screen/glass panel and the fingerprint scanner is also rumored to be integrated this way.

Then we have the front camera, which may be placed within a pop up mechanism like on the Vivo NEX. Or it may slide up like on the Oppo Find X again. The earpiece is the easiest to replace, since you just need a special vibration system that sends the sound through the screen. We’ve seen Sharp do that and Sony and LG do it with TVs even.

Sources talk about a 3D sensing camera upfront and a 6.2 inch display that emits sound. It all sounds pretty plausible, but no matter what Samsung does, it’s already been tried out by other companies and they’ll be called copiers. What can they come up with? And does the user actually want such a lack of bezels?

[via Ice Universe]

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