Samsung Galaxy SX Gets New Flavour, With Pop Up Camera

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Samsung Galaxy SX was rendered a few days ago, with a screen notch. Samsung Galaxy SX appears again, this time courtesy of targetyoutube and with a pop up camera, which appears to be the trend. People also call it a “periscope camera”.

Vivo NEX has it and we’ve heard that Oppo Find X may also have one. If you look closely, there’s a triple back camera here and the periscope camera is very small and discrete, for selfie use of course. The back side is virtually the same as the Galaxy S9+, but the fingerprint scanner has been replaced by a third camera lens.

By the way, the fingerprint scanner has been moved into the screen panel. I can’t say I feel that the screen’s bezels have been cut, well maybe the top one, since the selfie camera has been removed. This feels like quite a big and narrow phone, more like a bit of a Galaxy Note 8 or 9 rather than S9+. The way the Galaxy SX will look like is going to be decided by Samsung’s pride.

Are they too proud to try to copy the notch? Too proud to copy the periscope camera? Or the triple camera thing from Huawei? We’ll have to wait and see… The device has a Snapdragon 850 CPU, 8 GB of RAM and a triple camera with a 40 MP sensor, 20 MP sensor a third camera which doesn’t get mentioned.

[via targetyoutube]

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