Samsung Galaxy Note X Adopts the Dreaded Notch, Now on Video

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After seeing a Samsung Galaxy S phone with a notch, it’s time for this approach to get transplanted into the world of the Galaxy Note models. Case in point, the Samsung Galaxy Note X, which is seen here adopting the dreaded notch.

It’s the creation of Gurpreet Singh and I know that we have a lot of fans from India who will be happy to see his work. We’re dealing here with a pretty big phone, something that feels more likely to launch in 2019 or 2020. It’s got virtually no bezel on the left, right and bottom and it’s quite slim.

I feel that the width of the notch is a bit too much, being almost double the notch of a regular iPhone X clone. I think that the icons and UI elements can’t fit to the sides of the notch, to be honest. Why not make the whole upper side a notch? Also, having such a big cutout probably involves some kickass mechanisms in there, for face scanning the likes, so I expect beefed up facial scanning and security.

This is not the worst Samsung Galaxy Note I’ve seen, but I wish we would have seen more of the back side.

[via PHConcepts]

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