Probably the Most Beautiful Samsung Galaxy S5 Render is Here, With Folding Display

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The folks of MobiLeaks have provided excellent concept devices so far and they’re doing it again, this time with a device that threatens to become a classic of renders: Samsung Galaxy S5. However, their approach has got to be the most elegant and good looking I’ve seen.

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-concept3 mobileaks

From what I can see you can fold the handset into some sort of music player and you also get a display at the back side. The physical button has been moved to the top of the screen, just at the place where the fold starts, to make the process easier. So, basically we’re dealing with a folding display phone that instead of flexing on the horizontal it does so on the vertical.

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-concept2 mobileaks

You can notice here that the screen is an edge to edge one and that the Back and Menu button are very discretely integrated. By the way, this Samsung Galaxy S5 concept is very, very thin and probably features a flexible battery as well, in order to make flexing easier.

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-concept mobileaks 1