Exclusive: 3D Printed Galaxy S6 Gets Caught on Video and Pictured

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Jermaine Smit managed to make a 3D model of the Samsung Galaxy S6, by using the leaks available online and intends to compare the device to the Samsung Galaxy S5. The only thing lacking here is the camera bump, but the overall format should be right.

samsung galaxy s6 mold

In the meantime Jermaine and Ivo Maric are working on a mega concept that will make the Galaxy S6 look amazing. Below you can check out a comparison video between the Galaxy S6 mold and the Galaxy S5. The newcomer seems a bit narrower and it’s certainly thinner. The 3D printed model doesn’t have a Home button, but it does seem to have the ports at the bottom figured out.

I can’t exactly see the speakers, but the microUSB and audio jack are in place. I see that the handset is pretty hand-friendly and sits well in the user’s hand. I look forward to hearing more about the concept and about such 3D prints. In the meantime we learned that the Galaxy S6 is going to be 6.9 mm thick…

[via Jermaine Smit]

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