MWC 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7 Versus LG G5; Which One Really Innovates?

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Everybody probably knows by now the way the Samsung Galaxy S7 looks, which is exactly like in leaks the preceded it. We also learned what the LG G5 is about, during yesterday’s launch event. Well, I decided to compare the two flagships from the innovation and design point of view.

Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 Edge

There’s no denying that both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 are beautiful, but they’re still pretty similar to the predecessors, albeit more rounded now, around the edges. They’re also huge fingerprint and grease magnets, if you just look at any of the many hands on videos out there. Specs-wise, they kick ass, but don’t expect a huge jump from the S6 performance or even the iPhone 6S for that matter.

lg_g5 final render

The LG G5 however is the real surprise, in spite of the fact it leaked multiple times before the launch. It may not be as easy on the eye as the Galaxy S7, but it grows on you. LG finally made a slimmer flagship phone and finally tried something different: modularity. They created a Magic Slot at the bottom of the device, through which you can attach extra gadgets, like an extra speaker, battery or camera mechanism.


And that’s only the beginning! LG also unveiled some companion accessories, like the LG 360 Cam, LG VR headset, a rolling robot and drone controller. With so much variety, how can Samsung compete with that? The modularity is just the start and once hardware makers start manufacturing modules, we’ll get a huge variation out of the LG G5.

Expect more camera modules, extra memory, RAM, connectivity options, medical gear attached, a Swiss Knife of a phone basically. My money’s on the LG G5 this year…

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