Presumed Samsung Galaxy S11 Just Got Rendered by Letsgodigital

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We’ve heard about the idea of a buttonless and portless phone before, but usually associated to a Vivo concept phone or a Meizu Zero. Well, now believe it or not, Samsung wants to get in on the action, or at least that’s what a series of recently uncovered patents seems to show. discovered those patents and made some renders for a Samsung Galaxy S11, or something close to it. The device is as portless and buttonless as it can be, ditching speakers of any sort, volume and Bixby buttons and the audio jack. It only has an USB Type-C port and a Power button, but even those aren’t 100% sure.

A couple of years ago, before the Galaxy S8 came out there were a lot of concept phones that used the “pebble” design. They were inspired by those pebbles you find at the bottom of a river, shaped by water. This also seems to be the case here, channeling a very curved design, but at the front and the back. The screen is obviously an edge to edge affair and the front camera is hidden below the screen. The sensors and fingerprint scanner are also tucked in there.

Samsung is no stranger to patents concerning a 3D curved screen, so this theory holds water. The back of the device is partially made of glass, although other materials are possible. It’s very likely that the Galaxy S11 will not look like this and resemble the S10 instead. The S12 on the other hand is expected to be totally different.

[via letsgodigital]

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