Sony Xperia 11 Plus Flagship Feels Like It’s Ready for IFA 2019

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After seeing a foldable Xperia phone the other day, today we go back to the roots of the Xperias, with the classic rectangular approach. We are treated to a brand new design created by Kiarash Kia for a device dubbed Sony Xperia 11 Plus.

Seeing how we’re at Xperia 1 and Xperia 10 right now, this feels more like a midrange phone of 2020, even though the designer mentioned it as a flagship. The device has a “balanced notch design”, as Kiarash claims plus dual selfie cameras. At the back we find a triple camera, just like we did on the Xperia 1. The back side camera integration in a horizontal line is different compared to what we’re seeing on the market right now.

It feels a bit like the iPhone X/XS one, but rotated at 90 degrees. The really odd part is the set of triangular symmetrical cutouts at the front, for the two cameras. They’re like small, angular notches eating into the screen estate. The bottom camera is the depth sensor and the top one is the secondary camera, possibly a wide angle one.

Even a heart rate sensor made the cut, at the back of the device. The Xperia 11 Plus is made of glass and metal, has a blocky look and zero bezels for the screen. It feels like it goes to the drawing board of the rectangular Xperias. It’s also rather shiny and glossy and comes in red and purple.

I also see some pairing with Venom, which makes sense, since it’s made by Sony Pictures.

[via Kiarash Kia]

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