New Samsung Design Concept Created by Gia Huy Nguyen Tran Using Sketchup

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Using Google Sketchp Gia Huy Nguyen Tran has rendered a brand new Samsung design concept, that’s pictured below. This device is not the Galaxy Note 4, because it has no S Pen and nor is it a Galaxy S5 or 6, because the screen is too big.

Samsung concept design 1

The handset measures 7 mm in thickness and it comes with a 6 inch 2K AMOLED screen plus a small curved OLED, all protected by Gorilla Glass 4 tech. There’s also Graphene glass in the mix, meaning that the scratches and sunlight reflections won’t be a problem anymore. On board of the smartphone we find the S Surround sound system with full bass and at the back there’s a dual ISOCELL rear camera with a 16 MP unit and an 8 MP one.

Samsung concept design 2

They support 3D features and we’ve also got optical zoom x4, dual LED flash and Xenon flash, as well as a 3 MP front camera. There’s a new USB 4.0 port in the mix and this model is water proof, plus it uses some sort of carbon fiber for the case. Speaking of the case, it has interchangeable elements with a variety of colors.

Finally, this Samsung concept phone has a 4500 mAh battery. What do you think of this sketch, since it’s more of a sketch than concept?

Samsung concept design 3

Samsung concept design 4

Samsung concept design 5

Samsung concept design 6

Samsung concept design 7

[Thanks Gia Huy Nguyen Tran]

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