Samsung Diamond S is a Phone From 2013

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We’ve just received an anonymous mail from someone in Russia with a beautiful design of a Samsung concept smartphone from 2013. This is the Samsung Diamond S, a device with incredible specs. It packs not only a quad core 2.5GHz processor, but also a 3D HD display that can support 1080p resolutions.

The display is uses Lotus Glass technology for protection, it’s got a 4.3 inch diagonal and it supports 3D graphics. We also get 8 channel sound from the Samsung Diamond S, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory, as well as a 20 megapixel camera with 3D capture support and a front 3D camera for videocalls. The front photo sensor is 5 megapixels in resolution. 3D video capture is handled by the main camera in 1080p mode, which is a great feat, that will probably arrive only in 2013.

The entire device is a mere 6mm thin, it runs Android 4.x, possibly even version Android Jellybean, whenever that launches. The smartphone also comes with a HDMI out port and its rectangular shape reminds me of the iPhone 4 quite a bit, but I’m not saying it’s a copycat, mind you!

  • wtf

    this is bs, the guys just made some crap on photoshop/paint and posted crazy specs… i think anyone with a computer could do the same in pretty much 15 minutes

  • Daveymant

    I really hope those specs are true, I have galaxys2 one drawback is the single speaker for audio output. If this phoned specs are true and out for July 2013 I would definately upgrade to it and it would blow anything from apple right out the water. Come on Samsung make this a reality and I will have a special made leather back case red one.

  • kempane Siri Anuruddha Thero

    Hello Samsung diamond…

  • rupesh oswal.

    really very nice phone in the world

  • nalintha

    I like this phone

  • Anonymous

    i think this phone will bring revolution in the market.

  • Bob Cheney

    Samsung please bring this out as it will blow apple right out of the market place and put you in the forefront of phones as you already are, keep up the great work

  • Basliel

    Samsung- it hits all cellphones in the world…a phone actin jus a computer… wont never do it…bt diamond concept n the bendy s4, s3 r the most interesting…..even thickness of laptops- laser technology….jus all SAMSUNG PRODUCT…no 1 lyj sam sung

  • Anonymous

    i like it alot BUT the screen seem to be a little bit small 4.3 inch. It would be perfect if it have a 5 inch

  • asid ali

    i like this mobil ph

  • indikamahilal

    i think this phone will bring revolution in the market.and i can’t wait for that….pls…come sooon

  • Ram tamang

    i like this phone.but display size must be 4.8-5 inchs.

  • m.jayakannan

    I will wait for diamond s.please launch soon

  • Samad

    I waiting for this phone….