Samsung Flexible Roll Tablet Concept Rolls up Into a Cylindrical Body

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There was a time when I constantly apologized to readers of this website for publishing concepts of tablets instead of phones. Well, it’s been a looong while since we published a tablet concept, so I’m glad to show you one today.

Samsung Flexible Roll tablet concept 1

Of course, it may look more like an e-reader, but the concept behind is interesting. Made by Sungmin Lee, the Samsung Flexible Roll is a device with a rollable screen. that fits within a cylindrical body. This is a tablet inspired by ancient scrolls, with a flexible and foldable screen. It comes with dual USB ports, speakers and a touch keyboard even.

Samsung Flexible Roll tablet concept 2

It seems to run Windows 10 or Win 8 and it may just be a 10 or 12 inch tablet, not your average 10 incher. I’ve seen similar concepts before and I find it hard to imagine why device makers haven’t released something like this yet. We’ve seen LG playing with OLED sheets that are only one or two mm thick and they’re also flexible. The key here is clearly OLED, since other screen technologies can’t flex as easily.

Samsung Flexible Roll tablet concept 3

Samsung Flexible Roll tablet concept 4

Samsung Flexible Roll tablet concept 5

Samsung Flexible Roll tablet concept 6

[via Yanko Design]

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