Samsung Galaxy A82 5G Rendered and Specced With Unusual Camera Design

We were pretty puzzled when we saw the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro leaking out with a rectangular horizontal back camera, but it turns out that a few more handsets may sport such a design. Samsung Galaxy A82 5G has just been rendered by a designer called Oguz Ozturk, who mailed his creation to us. Let’s check it out.

First of all, this is a huge device, with a 6.9 inch diagonal size and also a rather large 5000 mAh battery, although 6000 mAh wouldn’t have hurt. The odd thing here is the camera design, that feels a bit like the older Samsung approach or maybe the LG G one. The specs aren’t half bad, especially since we have a Penta camera at the back. It includes a 50 megapixel main camera, an ultrawide 12 MP shooter and telephoto 8 MP camera. There’s also a 5 MP Macro shooter, probably the one from Galaxy A51/A71, as well as a 3D Depth sensor.

Upfront we find the already classical 32 MP selfie camera. The 6.9 inch screen is a Super AMOLED with Full HD+ resolution, curiously bigger than the 6.8 inch S21 Ultra. There’s an octa core CPU inside, probably a Snapdragon, since it’s a higher end Galaxy A, but an Exynos 1080 is also not out of the picture. 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM are here, plus a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen. Galaxy A82 5G comes in midnight black, cloud gray or pink and it most likely packs a plastic and metal body, sans any weird pattern at the back, which we usually see on the Galaxy A models.

Some have triangular patterns, others lines and dots. I find the bezels to be a bit big here and honestly, seeing how the Galaxy A80 had the revolutionary slide up camera, there were some expectations we were going to see a weird camera here. Instead Samsung seems to play it safe. Measurements are actually OK for this diagonal size: 8.8 mm in thickness and 215 grams in weight.

Thanks Oguz Ozturk!

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