Samsung Galaxy Endurance Channels Galaxy A80 and Oppo Find X

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This week starts with an interesting and original Samsung concept phone coming from a designer from Zambia. It’s called Samsung Galaxy Endurance and it’s the creation of Michael Muleba. At its core, it feels very much like a Galaxy A80, but with a twist, that makes it look futuristic.

The name would probably hint at a rugged phone, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. The device has a hidden camera system at the back and a bezel less screen. There’s also facial recognition and two 12 megapixel Pureview rear cameras. Now the kicker comes in when you figure out that the top part of the phone slides up to reveal the hidden cameras. When it raises a bit it reveals two back cameras, together with a front camera, also on the sliding piece.

The idea has been partially seen on phones like Galaxy A80, Oppo Find X and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. The difference is that on the Samsung Galaxy Endurance the cameras are more discretely integrated. The device also gets a more curved display compared to the Galaxy S20 leaks, that revealed a smaller curve. It seems we’re going back to the Galaxy S7 Edge or the Galaxy S9 approach. It’s also a rather long and narrow device, that uses a lot of glass. I’m not very sure the pubic will like the visible inner parts of the phone shown with the opening at the back.

I mean, I like them, with the nerdiness and all, but the general public may not feel the same. I have a feeling that the openings on the side make the device more prone to breakage. Love the purple color version, though…

via Michael Muleba

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