Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rendered by Rishi Ramesh

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Rishi Ramesh has sent us a series of renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, a device we can start looking forward to, since the Galaxy S6 has become official today. The design of the phablet is based on the Galaxy S6 design leaks in the Sprint version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept 1

The device could easily get rid of those metal edges from the Note 4, that cut right into your palm and if the recent years’ trends are followed, it will be a bigger Galaxy S6 and nothing more. The S Pen is certainly due a revamp, especially in features, since its functions were pretty much the same on the Note 4 with the ones of the Note 3.

Inside we may get the Exynos 7420 CPU or maybe a future Snapdragon 815, that hopefully solves overheating problems. The over enthusiastic Samsung may bump the Quad HD resolution to 4K on a 6 inch diagonal. Of course, these are only speculations for now. A 4000+ mAh battery and a 20+ MP camera could also come to the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept 2


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