iPad Pro Design Envisioned by Jason Chen

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Apple has confirmed an event taking place on March 9th, probably meant to debut the Apple Watch, but there’s always a chance we may see other goodies in San Francisco. Those include an iPad Pro tablet, the 12 incher we’ve been heard about in rumors for a long while now. Today we get a glimpse at its design, thanks to a render created by Jason Chen.

iPad Pro concept Jason Chen 1

The designer sees this model as a business unit, with small bezels and a cool keyboard accessory. In spite of the rumors, this one is a 13 inch model with a 7.2 mm thickness and a Smart Cover associated. A special stylus is also included, as well as a kickstand-style mechanism. While the facade of the device is pretty predictable for an iPad and has a minimal bezel, I find the back to be less inspired.

iPad Pro concept Jason Chen 2

It feels like a cheap Acer or ASUS tablet, which is something Apple wouldn’t want. The first picture above shows a special stand for the device, that allows it to sit upright, when not in use. The pictures here don’t make it very clear if the keyboard accessory is a physical one or a touch keyboard of sorts. The Smart Cover 2.0 has very well spaced keys, by the way.

What do you think of this iPad Pro concept?

iPad Pro concept Jason Chen 3

iPad Pro concept Jason Chen 4

iPad Pro concept Jason Chen 5

iPad Pro concept Jason Chen 6

[via Jason Chen]

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