Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Concept Comes With Some Interesting Propositions

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If you’ve been reading this site for a while now, you surely know we like to speculate a lot. And what better device to speculate upon than Samsung Galaxy Note 6? Rendered as a fresh concept by Rishi Ramesh, the phablet is pictured below with a 6 inch screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept 6 inch  (1)

Honestly I’ve been expecting 6 GB of RAM and a 6 inch screen to match the whole “6” theme. The designer mentions an octa core MediaTek processor, 15 megapixel rear cameras and 6 GB of RAM. The creator of the Galaxy Note 6 concept details a 4K resolution and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a dual camera here. Samsung may finally implement an iris scanner, aside from the fingerprint one and that would be welcome.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept 6 inch  (2)

The metal chassis is nice looking and seems to be pretty solid. The rumored price is $900 and the chassis remains slightly rounded on the edges of the back side. I see that there are big speakers at the bottom of the device and a separate portion for the back camera. I can’t wait to see that new stylus!

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept 6 inch  (4)

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept 6 inch  (3)


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