Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Gets First Renders of 2016, Looking Much Flatter Than I’d Like

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With the Galaxy S7 leaked to absurd levels, the Galaxy Note 6 is the next big thing from Samsung we can speculate on or predict. For now we have the concept below, which is pretty far from what the real model will look like, I guess.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept 1

To me this model looks more like a Sony than a Galaxy Note 6, especially with the format and color choice. We’re expecting a camera upgrade, or maybe downgrade since the pixel war is so pasee and a smaller resolution can be compensated by other feats. I guess that internal storage may jump to 256 GB and we’ll get yet another generation of S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept 2

I find that a 4K display is 80% likely to happen, perhaps even with a curved side or two. A new generation of Exynos CPU may appear and fast charging, pulse sensor and fingerprint scanner will be taken to a new level. Samsung may include a rival for 3D Touch, a beefy battery, Android 6.0 with a new TouchWiz and maybe even an eye scanner.

What are your expectations for this device?

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept 4


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