Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Finally Gets Stereo Speakers, In-Display Fingerprint Scanner (Video)

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The next big thing from Samsung is clearly the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, expected to arrive around August-September this year, most likely at IFA 2017. Till that happens concepts are the next best thing, especially since there haven’t been any clear leaks so far.

First thing I noticed is something that people have been asking for on Samsung flagships for a long while now: dual stereo speakers. These are placed at the top and bottom of the device, that has a dual camera this time around. The 12 MP + 8 MP primary camera also gets 3D mapping and the fingerprint scanner is now embedded in the screen.

The creators of this concept, Techconfigurations have envisioned a 6.4 inch 4K display here, with curved edges and corners obviously. The new S Pen gets smarter and somehow has Bixby integration. I like the chromed shiny thingie applied on the top and bottom of the phone, especially since it doesn’t look like regular glass. Quite a nice concept, I have to say, while also not straying hugely from the Galaxy S8

Hopefully, this time around Bixby will already be active on the Galaxy Note 8.

[via techconfigurations]

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