iPhone 8 Artemis Edition Concept by Michael Muleba Gives Up Volume Buttons, Has Almost No Bezels

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Another day, another iPhone has been rendered and when designers don’t call it iPhone Edition, they call it iPhone 8. Such is the case with this model here, dubbed iPhone 8 Artemis Edition and rendered by Michael Muleba.

This handset has only one physical button, the Power button, while the volume buttons and Home button are integrated within the OS. A three finger scroll is used for the volume for example. Since this is a phablet, a 5.8 incher probably, we expect it to be big, while also being compact, fitting the screen in Galaxy S8-style fashion. The basic storage version is 64 GB and the dual camera is a standard function here.

Color choices include midnight red, matte black, kudvai grey and rose gold. Unlike the last leaks, the designer went all out with the curved edges here and the result looks solid. The body is made of metal, but seeing how glossy the back is, it may as well be covered with glass. The only thing I don’t like here is the way the UI fits the screen, it seems a bit stretched.

Other than that a pretty realistic concept.

[via Michael Muleba]

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