New Microsoft Surface Phone Features HoloLens Support, Mouse Features, Fusion Camera

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The Microsoft Surface Phone appears every few months ago, getting hyped up really fast and then disappearing from everyone’s radar. Today we’ve found one of the best concepts of this smartphone yet, created by Casmir Valeri. He did a stunning job and integrated other Microsoft products with this flagship in a wonderful way.

The Surface Phone 2017, as I’m going to call it is made of premium aluminum alloys and also uses a special Companion Cover for “unlimited positions” and formats. The device can be propped up for video watching, inclined at certain ideal angles or used in tent mode. The companion Cover also offers extra USB Type C ports and doubles the battery life.

This Surface Phone concept offers a seamless transition between phone and PC, being able to store all of your important files and apps within reach of your palm. Mouse functionality is also here via touchscreen and stylus input is available too. The device even plays nice with HoloLens, letting you experience VR and AR together in new ways.

A new feature compared to previous Surface phones is the dual camera at the back, with laser tracking technology courtesy of Fusion Camera. It not only takes badass shots, but also does laser tracking and space tracking. To top it all the design is truly inspired, a monoblock of metal with inspiration from the Surface Pro tablets. Would this blocky approach work in today’s world of curved screens?

[via Behance]

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