Samsung Galaxy Note 8 First Hands on Pictures Leaked

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We couldn’t let the day go by without covering the latest big leak, that has to do with Samsung. Their Galaxy Note 8 just leaked in a hands on shot, that you can check out below. It’s basically a wider Galaxy S8, that’s the vibe I’m getting here.

Obviously we take it with a grain of salt, but it feels like something that may happen come August or September. With the Galaxy S8 so well received, there’s no reason to stray from that winning recipe, but there has to be some change to integrate the stylus. This means that the case gets bigger, wider and the battery has to be crammed in a smart way inside, in order to avoid any Note 7 style debacle.

Obviously there’s no Home button here, of the physical kind and also no visible fingerprint scanner. It’s either at the back, or within the display panel upfront. Last I heard the Note 8 was coming with a 6.4 inch 4K display and a Snapdragon 835 or latter chipset. 6 GB of RAM are pretty much a given, if you ask me. Bixby should also be fully evolved by then.


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