Nokia 6310 Gets New 2017 Version, With Sennheiser Acoustics

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The fact that there’s such a thing as Nokia 3310 (2017) instantly made designers interested in recreating older Nokias, in a new format. Such is the case of the Nokia 6310 2017 pictured below. The creation of NWTPhones, this model is very elongated, narrow and elegant.

One would say it’s too narrow and long, but seeing today’s flagships, we find that narrow and long is actually the way to be. Galaxy S8 bets big on that for example. This feels more like an overly long MP3 or MP4 player and seems to adopt the trendy curved corner screen seen on the LG G6 and Galaxy S8. The designer didn’t provide any details, so we can only speculate.

We seem to get Sennheiser acoustics here, plus something that feels a like a touchpad below the main screen. If the material for the frame is properly chosen, this can also be a sturdy and precious phone. Add a generous battery and maybe a Pureview camera and you have a winner. By the way, Android is also here.

[via NWTPhones]

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