Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rendered Again Following Latest Leaks

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I’m sure you’ve noticed the fact that we’ve been treated these days with some major leaks of the Galaxy Note 8. We’ve seen CAD files, 3D pics and a big change of the camera design. All of those have been converted into the renders below.

We also have a video, the creation of The biggest change is the camera area, seen flatter here than the protruding one of the recently leaked phablet. The sensor orientation is now horizontal instead of vertical, as seen initially.

The fingerprint scanner is placed to the left of the camera and we also get pretty rounded edges of the device. Of course, the device has an Infinity Screen with curved borders and ultra narrow bezels. IP68 certification is here, too and the CPU inside should be similar to the one of the Galaxy S8. The stylus in this concept Galaxy Note 8 feels oddly large, or too wide if you ask me.

And let’s admit it, the camera area isn’t sexy at all, compared to what Apple, LG or other companies are offering. I’m digging the shade of blue offered here and the beefier metal frame, made for a more imposing and productivity oriented machine.

[via Techconfigurations]

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