Google Pixel 2 XL is Now a Thing, As Teased by Concept Creator (Video)

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I’m sure you’ve noticed the increasing number of Google Pixel 2 concepts lately. There’s something brewing both on and offline and it seems that designers aren’t happy with the low volume of rumors and dream about their own versions of the Pixel 2. Concept Creator is one of them.

He created the teaser below and as usual, he’ll probably deliver a concept in a day or two. Unlike the other Google Pixel 2 concepts, that were the basic models, this is the Pixel 2 XL. This means it may well be a 5.7 incher or 6 incher, since Google and Moto have pulled that off before with the Nexus 6. The teaser doesn’t let us see much, aside from the metal frame and the general format of the machine.

There’s a curved corner screen here and the dual camera area feels like Huawei P10 material, being quite discrete. The fingerprint scanner at the back is huge and to be honest I’d expect Google and its hardware partner to one up Samsung and Apple and integrate that sensor within the screen. I also seem to have spotted dual front speakers. I guess we’ll see this fall…

[via Concept Creator]

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