Samsung Galaxy S10 Gets Fresh Concepts, With Triple Back Camera, Simple Design

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Samsung Galaxy S10 received a new concept this weekend, one that you can see pictured below and it goes by the name of Galaxy S10. It’s supposed to be a 10th anniversary model, so it’s got to be special… somehow. Let’s see what Blogo Dice has prepared for us.

The designer envisions a flagship that has 3 cameras at the back and preps major innovation with that optical approach. The camera doesn’t seem to be truly special here and it’s actually rather odd, since the recently unveiled Galaxy A7 (2018), the first Samsung triple camera phone actually has a triple vertical camera, not a horizontal one. I see that the side bezels of the Galaxy S10 have been cut totally, but somehow the top and bottom ones are still alive and well.

The core format seems to be the same, with a glass panel at the back that sports curved edges on the sides. The camera also feels a bit lower than it should. I should also mention that the device doesn’t have a visible fingerprint scanner, so that’s probably integrated within the screen. Samsung my be forced to deliver more than a Galaxy S9s in 2019 since the public wants to see a special anniversary edition phone, like Apple did with the iPhone X, which had plenty of novelty.

I’m more curious about the variety of versions of the Galaxy S10. Rumors talk about 3 versions, a core model, a Lite and a Pro one. The latter may go as high as 6.9 inches in diagonal, like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is rumored to. All of the devices should get a selfie camera boost, since Samsung has been lagging behind in that chapter for years now.


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