First Android Phone Celebrates 10 Years With Google Pixel Dream Concept

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I don’t know if you know this, but for the past few days Google and big tech publications have been celebrating ten years since the first Android phone was launched. It’s the HTC Dream, in case you didn’t know and it’s been a decade since its debut. To celebrate that designer Albama Fadhal envisioned a 10th Anniversary Android Phone, which you can see below.

Named Google Pixel Dream, the newcomer is pretty interesting, because unlike many other anniversary phones it doesn’t strive to look like the original. It has a very modern approach, with ultra narrow bezels, but also keeps the front stereo speakers, in Pixel format. I’m not very sure, but we seem to be getting a camera cutout within the screen on the top right side, unless my eyes are failing me.

You know what would be cool? If a keyboard would slide out from behind the screen part and reveal some QWERTY action. Of course, it would seem dated nowadays, but at least there will be the surprise factor. A move to a dual back camera seems like a must at this point. Too bad that the designer didn’t reveal the back of the phone. Another cool idea would be to have modularity come back or the device let you attach keyboard modules to it…

In any case, happy birthday Android phones!

[via Albama Fadhal]

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