Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Video is Here and Receives a Cyclops Camera

I’ve noticed a trend that may have gone unseen for the past few months: cyclops camera phones. Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro and Huawei Nova 8 Pro come to mind as having one huge camera lens, that stands out compared to the other smaller ones. Samsung may follow suit, if the following Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra concept is to be belived. It’s the creation of Technizo Concept and dissect it below.

First of all, Samsung is jumping to a 200 megapixel back camera and also to support for 8K video capture at 60 FPS. It also gets an under display selfie camera, which is likely to happen and I think it was actually scheduled for the Note 21, but that one was put to pasture, on account of the current component crysis. I think that the wrapraound camera module that we have on the S21 series is a good loon on the phone and it’s here to stay, so we’ll probably also see it on the Galaxy S22.

One trend I also see picking up is the inclusion of Microscope or Telemacro cameras, plus freeform lens ultrawide cameras. Samsung may need to retaliate in this field, in order to compensate for the things that Oppo and OnePlus are proposing right now. We’re not here to talk about specs, but what I would love to talk about is material selection. Why is everybody going nuts with eco leather and they’ve given up ceramics? Yes, they make the phone heavier, but they’re more scratch resistant and look great.

Also, what about patterns? Samsung uses them on the Galaxy A, but they avoid them on the premium models. We also definitely need more than two colors for the Ultra models and something beyond the typical black and silver/gray models. What are your opinions about this Galaxy S22 Ultra concept?

via Technizo Concept

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