Samsung Galaxy S5: What do You Want to See in 2014? (Video)

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Bob Freking proposes an interesting question: what do you want to see from the Galaxy S5 in 2014? He claims that Samsung missed out on some opportunities regarding the Galaxy S4 and thanks you all for the praises brought to his Galaxy S4 concept.

galaxy s5 teaser 2014

He then goes ahead and posts the teaser picture here and the video below. What does this mean for you? Well, it’s simple… just like you did before, it’s YOU who will decide the specs, features and design of the Galaxy S5 and Bob Freking will make them into a real device. Aluminum for the case would be a nice option and I think that the HTC One approach to the camera (not all about the megapixels) is interesting.

Optical stabilization is a must for the camera and so is great low light behaviour. Then comes the size… I frankly hope that 5 inches is the maximum they’ll go with and also Full HD is enough resolution for everyone. The case should be around 6 or 7 mm thick and I frankly want the Galaxy S II look back, so totally rectangular and maybe rounded at the corners a bit. A great front camera is a must in this age and 2 GB of RAM and a quad core Snapdragon 800 CPU should be enough. What are your suggestions for the Samsung Galaxy S5 concept that Bob Freking will create?

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[via Bob Freking]

  • Avery M

    I would like them to use a new material that isn’t commonly used like Carbon Fiber or Liquid Metal.

    As far as Camera, aside from good Low-Light, I would like to see something that supports add-on lenses, to let me take Macro and Wide Angle shots..

    UI-Wise Id like a Ubuntu style App Switcher, I love how fluid and fast it is. Much better than Pressing a button and clicking on the app. I just Slide and go.

  • Mobilemaster

    I would like the S5 to be waterproof, to have a good camera with optical zoom(6x at least), a great CPU(example Nvidia’s new Tegra 4 CPU), 3 GB of RAM, 64 Gb of internal storage, and fingerprint sensor.

  • shinny star

    Please use steel body instead of plastic body.

  • singh

    I would like to see many more things than s4
    Max people say s4 is same like s3

    But i want s5 to be 60 percent different
    Like increase pixel
    Increase ram
    Increase internal memories
    Try to make more slim
    Body material should be nice not like s3 or s4

    While giving s4 pack peace u should give very sexy cove with that s4
    That aall should get impres

    The sensores which u have given in s4 are nice but u can do more better
    I know after all samsung
    I love samsung
    Samsung makes worlds best phones
    I m very big fan
    I dont like iff aany one say bad things about samsung

  • ings

    I would like to be able to see the screen better in Sunlight!!
    Perhaps we could get a white background.
    Camera screen is impossible to see in bright sun.
    Samsung need to improve that.