Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge Teased by Jermaine Smit and Ivo Maric (Video)

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Sometimes designers we praise or criticize spot the work of other designers on this site and they spark partnerships and cooperation. The latest involves a project by Jermaine Smit and Ivo Maric, who are working on the Samsung Galaxy S6/ Galaxy S6 Edge tandem.

galaxy s6 galaxy s6 edge teaser

They only have a teaser for us right now, but something big is coming for sure, especially since they also have a few leaks as inspiration. From what I can see here, the device has a metallic edge, a big square camera and a reasonably big earpiece. If the rumors are real, we should get an unibody design with a metal case in the mix. It will be interesting to see what happened to the theory of the back glass case.

There were about two weeks of rumors saying the Galaxy S6 will have a glass portion at the back, but lately it’s all metal. The Galaxy S6 Edge isn’t very detailed, but I expect an identical approach to the S6, plus an extra display edge or two. Can’t wait to see the finalized design!

[via Jermaine Smit and Ivo Maric]

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