Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Design Leak, Courtesy of uSwitch (Video)

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Since one Samsung Galaxy S7 is never enough, we’ve just come across a design leak for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus, courtesy of @OnLeaks and uSwitch. They created a 3D render of the device, that can be seen in the video below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus uswitch 1

The source has obtained some exclusive behind the scenes images of the device, so that’s how it managed to create these renders. Speculations say that the handset may arrive in stores as soon as February 2016 by the way. The Galaxy S7 Plus is supposed to be the larger version of the Galaxy S7, just like the iPhone 6S Plus is the bigger iPhone 6S.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus uswitch 2

Once again, these images are based on detailed blueprints that are provided by third party accessory makers, so they’re pretty legit. The device will pack a 6 inch screen and its dimensions go like this: 163.50 mm in length and 82 mm in width. It will be 7.82 mm thick, but it’ll also reach 9.05 mm with the camera protrusion included.

There’s talk of an USB Type C port, but the source dispells that in favour of a microUSB. The physical Home button will be rectangular, as well as slightly wider and thinner than on the Galaxy S6. The front facing camera has been moved and the SIM tray is placed in a lower position. A 3D Touch-style feature is also expected.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus uswitch 3

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus uswitch 4

[via @OnLeaks and uSwitch]

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